How do I find an app developer?

Before looking for an app developer, remember that the most ideal option is that you build your own ideas. If you haven’t given programming a try, it doesn't hurt to do so and see if you like it. You might fall in love with it. Or you might completely hate it. But, of course, you just don’t know until you give it a try.
Ok, so, you tried it and maybe programming isn’t your cup of tea and there are other things you can better spend your time on to get this thing out there.

Before even reaching out to anyone, you wanna show you have your stuff together and you know what you are doing.

A couple things to take care of:

Now, there are a couple paths of finding the right developer:

Once you think you’ve found a few good candidates, here is some criteria to judge them by:

After thinking about all of these points, the most important thing is to go with your gut. Go with someone that feels right. Give it your best effort. Give them everything they need. Make sure to communicate well. Make sure you let them focus on building something awesome. Let them build everything you agreed upon. Make sure to be decisive and not change too many features as they are building it out, as you can overwhelm them and this can affect the quality of the end result.

But most importantly, trust them. Trust your gut. Trust that amazing days are ahead. The development process will take some time. It may be a tad bit tricky. There might be a couple roadblocks. But, in the end of the process, you will have something more than just an idea. You will have your first product. Something you can test your hypotheses with. You will be one step closer to taking over the world! 😃🌅

Have a good app idea you wanna build? Get your product roadmap.