Build and launch in 4 weeks

Heads up: Due to the volume of requests, I can't take on everything, and can only accept projects on a selective basis.

What I offer

Lovable productMinimal Lovable Product- $9k

You are an entreprenuer. Whether you are a first timer or a serial entrepreneur, you have an amazing idea that you wanna turn into reality. Unfortunately, you can’t code yourself and don’t have a co-founder that can.

But, you have a bit saved up and you know exactly what you want built. Meet Breue - your digital launch partner. This is where I turn your good idea into a beautiful simple product for $9k and in 4-5 weeks.

How does it work

• The first step is to have a chat, discuss your idea, and make sure we're a good fit for each other.

• If so, i'll put together a product roadmap mapping out all of the nooks and crannies of the product.

. After we go over the roadmap together, I'll send over a tiny contract formalizing an agreement to work together.

• The work is usually split up into phases, so we can easily measure milestones together.

• You'll be able to track the progress though a private demo.

• We’ll do a weeky check in call as well chat on an as-needed basis to go over the project and any questions.

• All work will be version controlled and documented.

• The result will be something that gets you one step closer to validating your idea.

Some things I crafted


Butter logo


Scoper final

H final





What clients had to say

Who is behind this?

Zach van ness

ZACH HAJJAJ VAN NESS. I'm a full stack developer and designer. I try to make useful things. I fancy Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, good/functional design, and awesome people.

I believe the greatest instrument for crafting is trial and error. I've run two startups, one was acquired, the other failed.

If i’m not working on building some stuff, i’m either on some strange adventure, hiking, or meditating.

You can follow my work on twitter and dribbble. You can also see some of my mediocre pics on instagram :)

Where are you?

Dc based Washington, D.C.

I'm based in Washington D.C. I split my time between DC and San Francisco. I mostly work with founders/clients that are US based. If you are in a pretty different timezone, we should be fine, as long as we can figure out convenient timing for our weekly check in calls.

Get your product roadmap


Only if you have a really good idea please