5 Ways to Make a To-Do List


A to-do list is the ultimate productivity and task management tool. 
There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing items off your list. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. In fact, according to psychologists, to-do lists are known to reduce anxiety and give our life structure. 
Here are 5 simple ways to add to-do lists to your life so you can get motivated put yourself back in control.

1. Notepad
In the article, 11 Essentials and Tips for Creating an Office Space, we said that a notepad is an essential item to jot down notes. A notepad is also great for making to-do lists. 
2. Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are great for a quick short to-do list. You can stick them on your monitor, mirror, or fridge so that they are always there in front of you as a reminder for what needs to be done. 

3. Whiteboard

A small whiteboard that you can hang above your desk is convenient because you can use color coded markers. You can also easily add or erase items as you go. 
4. Notes App
Notes App

Many smartphones have a preinstalled Notes app. There’s a way to turn your notes into to-do lists. You just have to tap the option with a check mark.

5. To-Do List App
There are many apps out there that are just for creating to-do lists. Several of them have built-in reminders. You can also organize your tasks by priority and due date. Some also include a collaboration feature so you can assign tasks to other people you are working with. One of the top-rated to-do list apps is Todoist. 
Whatever method you decide, remember to choose what works for you.  

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