20 Rick Sanchez Inventions that Could Have Led to Startups

Photo: Warner Bros. Television
Rick and Morty is an American animated adult series that premiered in 2013. It features Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic genius scientist, capable of creating complex inventions, including space flying vehicles, intelligence-enhancing helmets, and energy weapons. His crazy inventions, experiments on alien life forms, and adventures to other dimensions with his grandson, Morty serve as the basis for each episode.  

Rick’s cynical personal views and his tendency to get bored easily gets in the way of turning his inventions into true startups. However, that does not mean we can’t imagine what would happen if portal guns were widely available and Rick was reaping from its profits.   
Here are 20 Rick Sanchez inventions that could have led to startups. 

1. Space Cruiser

Photo: Warner Bros. Television
The Space Cruiser is a space flying vehicle and is Rick's primary mode of transportation. It is pieced together from materials found in the family garage. The ship is shaped like a UFO and features wheels on the underside for landings. The interior is commonly full of empty bottles of alcohol. 

2. Grappling Shoes

Photo: Warner Bros. Television
Grappling shoes are an invention of Rick’s that allows the wearer to walk on any solid surface, this includes walls. These shoes have to be turned on to work properly, as Morty found out the hard way when he slid down the cliff and broke his legs.

3. Portal Gun

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Portal Gun is a gadget that shoots green, fluidic portals onto any surface and allows the user(s) to seamlessly travel different dimensions. 

4. Freeze Ray

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The freeze ray is one of Rick’s handheld devices that can instantly turn a person to ice.

5. Operation Phoenix

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Operation Phoenix is Rick's plan for immortality. It consists of several growth chambers where Rick can grow clones of himself at various stages of life.  

6. Cognitive Amplifier

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Cognition Amplifier is a helmet that enhances the cognitive power of any being who wears it. Thanks to the Cognition Amplifier, Snuffles, the family dog, becomes super-intelligent and is able to communicate with humans.


7. Dream Inceptor

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The dream inceptor is an ear-piece that allows Rick to enter a sleeping person’s dreams.


8. Shrink Ray

Photo: Warner Bros. Television
Rick’s shrink ray a device that can shrink a human down to microscopic size.


9. Anatomy Park

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Anatomy Park a Jurassic Park-style amusement park inside the body of a living human created by Rick and a fellow scientist. The park includes many attractions including Bladder Falls, Haunted Liver, and Rick’s favorite, Pirates of the Pancreas.

10. Meeseeks Box

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Meeseeks Box is a box that is able to create a Meeseeks, a friendly blue entity, which will stop at nothing to help the user complete their tasks.

11. Demonic Alien Containment Box

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Demon Alien Containment Box is a device that captures the demonic spirits that possess others. It is similar to the ghost traps from Ghostbusters.


12. Particle Beam Wristwatch & Snake

Particle Beam Wristwatch & Snake Holster are gadgets that are often used by Rick as psychological weapons of war. The wristwatch has the capability of vaporizing a target instantly, and the snake holster is used to trick his enemies into thinking he can turn people into snakes.

13. Microverse Battery

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The microverse battery is a gadget developed by Rick to supply power to his Space Cruiser. It contains a miniature universe in which Rick has convinced its inhabitants to generate to electricity through kinetic devices. Unbeknown to them, they are actually powering his car battery.   

14. Butter Robot

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Butter Robot is a robot whose singular purpose in life is to pass butter.

15. Emergency Bionic Arm

This portable bionic arm can be used to quickly replace a missing arm. All you have to do is push the device in your arm socket and the bionic arm automatically activates.   


16. Purge Suit

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Purge Suit A weaponized suit of armor that is both portable and deadly.

17. Laser Gun

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The laser gun is Rick’s primary choice of weapon. It can both vaporize and mutilate a target depending on the setting.

18. Froopyland Chalk

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

This glowing piece of chalk can be used to draw a portal to Froopyland, an artificial dimension Rick created for his daughter, Beth when she was a little girl.

19. Interdimensional Goggles

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Interdimensional Goggles are a gadget created by Rick that work by synching the wearer’s DNA and lets them look at alternate dimensions and what their lives look like there.

20. Interdimensional Cable

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Interdimensional Cable is a cable box invented by Rick that gives access to all of the TV shows across every dimension. 

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