How do I find an app idea?

There are three main routes to finding a startup/app idea.

Route A - Constantly think of things you can improve. Constantly think of ideas. But, let the idea come naturally. One day, you will see some problem that has been hiding there in plain site your whole life. You will have a pure lightbulb moment. You will wonder why it took you so long to find this idea/solution. You will never feel more confident and more sure about this as anything else in your life. These are the absolute best ideas. The ones that come naturally. They are significantly better than forced ideas. This route is obviously much harder than any other route. And this doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us never find these ideas. But when you actually find one of these, it can be somewhat magical. 🦄

Route B - So you haven't found that lightbulb idea. Now you kind of have to force an idea. But you want to force an idea in a space that you are familiar with. You have to ask yourself, what is some field that very few people know better than you? What is some secret that you know that many don't? Is there something you can go into that very few people could do better than you? Is there something that you can use your current network to sell to or promote this idea to as soon as the product is finished?

Route C - You haven't had the lightbulb idea and you can’t think of some niche field that you know better than others. You have to go on a hunt. You have to search for some inspiration. You can use tools like this to go through a list of some good ideas. You might find one of these ideas to be something you can build. Or, one of them might inspire an offshoot, or inspire a completely separate idea. If something like this doesn’t help, try to think about your daily routine. Try to map out your life events over the last 6 months. Try to come up with a very thorough list of problems you have encountered. Narrow that list down to a couple of the problems that you think there is some feasible solution to that you can build.

Once you find that idea that feels right, that keeps you up at night, that you think about in the shower, give it your best shot. Understand that you can only control some of the variables. You will not be able to control most of the variables. But do the best with the stuff you can control. Do your best to validate your idea. And trust that you are one step closer to pure greatness 🙂🙏🏞

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