You are an ENTREPRENEUR. Whether you are a first timer or a serial entrepreneur, you have an AMAZING IDEA that you wanna TURN INTO REALITY. Unfortunately, you can’t code yourself and don’t have a co-founder that can.

Meet Breue - your DIGITAL LAUNCH PARTNER. We turn a good idea into a beautiful full-functioning product for $9K and in 4 WEEKS.

We want to see you succeed. So we’ll be there to chat and collaborate with you on a daily basis. We’ll also advise you on the product vision and business model so you can go VALIDATE YOUR IDEA, RAISE MONEY, and TAKE OVER THE WORLD! :)

We BUILD all kinds of things. From experimental TECHNOLOGIES and APPS to simple PRODUCTS and WEBSITES. We use our own homebrew technology in addition to Swift, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, et al.

The first step is to HAVE A CHAT, discuss your idea, and make sure we're a GOOD FIT for each other.

We'll send over a TINY CONTRACT formalizing an agreement to work together.

The work is usually split up into PHASES, so we can easily measure milestones toggether.

You'll be able to TRACK the progress though a PRIVATE DEMO.

We’ll CHAT on a DAILY basis to go over the project and any questions.


The result will be something that gets you one step closer to VALIDATING YOUR IDEA.

"I had Zach (partner at Breue) develop SoPraise for me. Zach is not only a smart developer but he also has an acute sense of design, good practices in startups. His work reflects valuable understanding of end user needs and pains.

We ran into some deep technical challenges during our project, but Zach was able to resolve them. He took time to research and find a pragmatic solution.

Zach is also an honest evaluator of your project, steps and overall direction. He is an independent thinker. He spoke his mind when he felt otherwise about the proposed plan. However, he was flexible and willing to discuss and readily change his position when presented with facts.

I remember communicating with Zach at odd times and sometimes weekends. I found him available and he responded to my messages in a timely manner.

In Zach you will find an all-arounder, someone who understands all the steps involved in any startup success- from prototyping to designing, from developing to marketing.

Zach continues to advise me. He is a good friend and well-wisher. I wish him all the success.

I am pleased to have worked with Zach.

I will be happy to answer any questions."




ZACH VAN NESS. I'm a full stack developer and designer. I make things. I ♥ Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, Legos, Play-Doh, & Dr. Seuss.

I believe the greatest instrument for crafting is trial and error. I've ran two startups, one was acquired, the other failed. I'm the ninth most interesting person you can possibly meet! :)

You can follow my work on twitter and dribbble.